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Under SinoGulf we align an experienced group of diverse engineers, quantity surveyors, finance professionals, structuring experts and asset managers to develop investment opportunities that are real estate development focused. From land selection to lease-up, the focus is on the investment performance. Every decision, in every department, is made only when we are collectively sure it will improve investor return.

What We Do

Correctly developed real estate assets offer inflation protected, asset backed income with yields well in excess of the sovereign bond markets in which the asset resides. The income derived from such assets is robust, reliable and sought after as a dependable revenue stream. The resultant revenue streams are attractive to many types of investment institution including banks, pension funds, bond markets and risk adverse investment professionals. However the skills and discipline required in developing assets of this quality and standing are not commonly or consistently found in the related service industries.

To mitigate the risks inherent in real estate development we; in-house the most essential skills, minimise staff turn-over, have comprehensive risk management and corporate governance policies and have developed long standing relationships with land owners, banks and the essential service providers in the regions in-which we operate. We structure our organisation into four distinct groups (Corporate Finance, Development Management, Asset Management and Property Management). Only once these groups collectively agree on an investment target do we proceed with execution.

Currently we fund or asset manage the follow collective investments:
IndustRE Development Fund - A real estate development fund with a focus on the GCC ex-Saudi Arabia. AUM over USD 500 million;
Abdali - an Amman based residential development; and
KSA - a western compound in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Corporate Finance

Corporate Finance houses all the skills related to capital and debt management. The Department ensures the integrity of all financial related information and is responsible for:

  • Developing financial models and feasibility studies for evaluation of investment opportunities, monitoring performance of assets, determining optimal capital structure and valuation of assets under management;
  • Financial institution relationship management and raising and managing non recourse, debt facilities; and
  • Managing cash flows and liquidity needs of active projects and continuously monitoring the financial performance of the asset to enable day to day decision making.

Typical employees working in Corporate Finance will come will have a strong analytical background, be masters qualified with a CFA or similar and have over three to four years experience within blue chip organisations.

Development Management

Development Management assumes responsibility for the execution of all real estate developments. They form the procurement strategy, draft all documentation from request for proposals to consultant and contractor contracts. They lead and manage the execution teams, they risk management each asset, monitor time, quality and cost performance against contract and assume responsibility for the delivery of assets against investment expectations. In addition, they form an integral part of the feasibility and debt management activities. 

Fund/Asset Management

Fund/Asset Management has several key functions; assumes responsibility for the administration, risk management and performance of the fund and/or asset, administers the formation and management of the fund structures, provides comprehensive and transparent reporting, communicates and is the point of contact for investors, ensures the internal and external resources, allocated to a fund, are working together in a manner that focuses on investor returns and is the day to day spokesperson for the fund.

Typical employees working in Fund/Asset Management will be masters qualified with a CFA or similar and have over 10 years experience within blue chip organisations.

Professional Support & Accounts

Every fund and asset under management requires precise administration and accounting rigour. There are accounting, record keeping, contractual and regulatory requirements for every fund and asset and these requirements change throughout the development lifecycle. Company secretarial, document management, monthly accounts, invoice approvals are but a few of the many activities performed by this group. Professional support furthermore is responsible for quality control and compliance adherence by operational staff.

Typical employees working in Professional Support will be xxxx. Employees working in Accounts will be xxx certified with x years of experience.

Our Structure

Led by founding partners Hussain Al Awlaqi and Andrew Clout, SinoGulf has more than 20 qualified staff members, including 15plus investment management professionals representing more than 10 nationalities.

The company operates within a matrix-based structure. Discipline-defined verticals provide sector specific knowledge depth, institutional learning and standards, career progression and peer support, while the project defined horizontals ensure funds and assets have access to the broad range of required skills.

The Executive leadership team is comprised of the Chairman, Managing Director, CEO, CFO and Compliance Officer. In addition to representing the Company publically, this group ensures adherence to quality standards, regulatory requirements and internal processes.

The accountability SinoGulf has to third party investors necessitates that entry-level staff are experienced professionals with strong academic back grounds and ideally with past operational experience within leading professional service firms.

Our Capabilities

  • Property return enhancement
  • Property investment management
  • Capital structure enhancement
  • Statutory accounts management
  • Regulatory and client reporting
  • Company secretarial
  • Debt negotiation
  • Debt management
  • Legal council management
  • Regulatory and compliance
  • Asset management

Our Leading Experts

  • International Tower | SinoGulf

    International Tower

    Located in the Capital Centre master plan, International Tower is one of the most desirable office locations in Abu Dhabi. The building provides 40,000 square meters of Grade A offices. The triple volume contemporary lobby, twelve high speed elevators, secure vehicular access, convenience of Starbucks in the lobby and perfect city location have attracted tenants such as AECOM, BAE Aerospace, Abu Dhabi Systems Information Corporation and Ministry of Higher Education. The building was developed by the IndustRE fund, designed by Woods Baggot and completed in 2012.

  • Capital House | SinoGulf Investments

    Capital House

    Located in the Capital Centre master plan, Capital Centre is a modern, contemporary 332 unit residential development. The building provides superior interior spacing and balconies for all apartments. A modern fully equipped gym, that over looks a 25 meter swimming pool, is located on the podium which is intelligently integrated into the overall design of the building. The building is currently fully leased to Etihad Tower on a ten year lease contract. The building was completed in 2014.

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