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Risk Management | SinoGulf Investments

Under SinoGulf we align an experienced group of diverse engineers, quantity surveyors, finance professionals, structuring experts and asset managers to develop investment opportunities that are real estate development focused. From land selection to lease-up, the focus is on the investment performance. Every decision, in every department, is made only when we are collectively sure it will improve investor return.

Risk Management

We have one of the lowest senior staff turnover rates in the industry. Our senior executive has been together for almost a decade and key division heads have all been with the company for five years or longer. This longevity creates cohesion and a deep appreciation between disciplines, which fosters collective decision making. Procedural and risk management requirements are understood and appreciated at the highest levels and hence adherence to them is high.

As a DFSA regulated company SinoGulf adheres to the best in class compliance and corporate governance. All aspects of anti-money laundering and client due diligence are undertaken on a regular basis. Risk and compliance training for all staff is undertaken annually and many elements of compliance are integrated into operational activities to ensure adherence and wider appreciation of the requirements by staff.

Real estate development is about understanding the capabilities and limitations of your suppliers. These include legal, design, project management, construction etc. As SinoGulf has been operating in the region for over a decade we have a granular knowledge of not just the best operators, but our preferred employees within those organisations. As such we can ensure a high degree of skill and commitment to all elements of our projects.

We ensure operationally that all decisions are made collectively. Typically the pressures on one department directly oppose another e.g. the estimated cost of a development. The DM group wants to ensure there are sufficient funds to build a quality building with skilled resources while the AM wants to be able to demonstrate high returns to investors. We ensure that despite these differing objectives a collective and hence realistic and attainable set of expectations are set. Every quarter risk reports on all assets and funds are prepared to monitor and ensure active mitigation strategies are developed and executed.

At SinoGulf we never simply assume funding will arrive. We never enter into a contract where the funds are not available. While this places a significant burden on the Corporate Finance team it mitigates one of the largest risks in real estate development.

The nature of construction is that at some point in the development of an asset, the duration of which can be three years or longer, there will be a disagreement on responsibility and accountability. We ensure from the outset that when these eventualities arise we are covered under the contract. We have spent many years operating in these regions, we have built many assets and all these experiences and learnings are placed into our contracts to mitigate and allocate risk to where it is best managed.

Our Capabilities

  • Regulatory and compliance
  • Cash flow and payments management
  • Procurement strategy and implementation
  • Contract administration
  • Client representative services
  • Development management
  • Space planning and optimisation
  • Design review
  • Performance optimisation
  • Fund structuring
  • Budget management

Our Leading Experts

  • International Tower | SinoGulf

    International Tower

    Located in the Capital Centre master plan, International Tower is one of the most desirable office locations in Abu Dhabi. The building provides 40,000 square meters of Grade A offices. The triple volume contemporary lobby, twelve high speed elevators, secure vehicular access, convenience of Starbucks in the lobby and perfect city location have attracted tenants such as AECOM, BAE Aerospace, Abu Dhabi Systems Information Corporation and Ministry of Higher Education. The building was developed by the IndustRE fund, designed by Woods Baggot and completed in 2012.

  • Capital House | SinoGulf Investments

    Capital House

    Located in the Capital Centre master plan, Capital Centre is a modern, contemporary 332 unit residential development. The building provides superior interior spacing and balconies for all apartments. A modern fully equipped gym, that over looks a 25 meter swimming pool, is located on the podium which is intelligently integrated into the overall design of the building. The building is currently fully leased to Etihad Tower on a ten year lease contract. The building was completed in 2014.

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